Commissioned Portraits

  • Of Nikita Khrushchev
    Sergei and Valentina Khrushchev, Moscow, Russia, and Cranston, RI
  • Of Desiree, Kaitlin, Emily
    Scott Zuber and Denise Webster-Zuber, Los Angeles, California
  • Of Jackie and Drew
    Nancy and Michael Phelps, Davenport, Iowa
  • Of Lee
    Lee Peng, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Of Angie and Jackie
    Laurie and Scott Gauer, Chaska, Minnesota
  • Of Mary
    Mary and Thomas Jonikas, Prescott, Wisconsin
  • Of Arianna
    Nathan Smith, Potomac, Montana
  • Of Keith
    Dan Swiegert, Huron, Ohio
  • Of Audra, of Kevin
    Warren and Mid Bielke, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Of Blair
    Kimberly Prechtl Williams, Columbus, Ohio
  • Of the granddaughters
    Frances McCoy, Hopkins, Minnesota
  • Of Leo Landsberger
    Janeen Landsberger
  • Of Roxanne and Dale
    Roxanne Danner, Washington, D. C.
  • Of Dr. Kennedy
    Marla and Dr. William Kennedy, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Of Deanna
    Deanna and Nicholas Stuhrk, Winter Haven, Florida
  • Of Heidi and Connor
    Jason and Heidi Smith, Plymouth, New Hampshire
  • Of Larry
    Larry Herbison, Minneapolis, Minnesota