Sold Still Lifes
2008 still life with brass deer watercolor 17x21 i...
apples with green jug watercolor 10x13 1024x795
roses in blue vase watercolor 24x30 in - copy 1024...
poppies watercolor 24x18 in. 657x857
susans zinnias watercolor 1024x799
dahlias watercolor 15.5x19 in. 1024x907
study in copper w.c. 10x13 in 1024x717
still life with red vase w.c. 11x7 in. 672x1024
brass vase with rose w.c. 11x7 in. 651x1024
still life with pepper and jug w.c. 7x11 in. 1024x...
blue vase and orange w.c. 10x8 in. 759x1024
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