Artist’s Statement:

cecelew2 06 080911My work is about seeing - about light and the way it falls across forms. It is about moods or feelings created within me as I am painting and within the viewer while looking at these works. I believe I am telling stories as I paint and expressing my love of beauty, of nature, of people or animals as the case may be. Sometimes my mind goes off to a different plane and I am totally lost in my work, spending hours without realizing any time has passed. I am happiest and most productive at this time.

Landscapes, especially beautiful sunsets, gardens, rivers, lakes, water lilies - anything that takes one on a journey into their inner selves are subjects that I love to paint.­­­ Even the way light falls across forms is sometimes enough to capture my attention and make me want to express my experiences or feelings in paint.

I strive to emulate those whose work I admire: Sargent, Cassatt, Corot and Monet.